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as a dutch independent artist i like to push myself and keep as relevant as possible. i’m always curious and question things. That is probably why i’m fascinated by objects / images / words that I don’t understand, things that would usually go unseen or would other wise be considered as mistakes.

i prefer subjects that aren't typical or immediately obvious and require more than just a cursory glance. i enjoy exploring the concept of coincidence in the everyday and it is important to me that i experiment with new techniques. techniques of which the outcome isn't planned and of which i have no control over the outcome. i love to work on projects with as minimal information as possible, sometimes, just a single word and see where a project can take me. ­ i can typify my work as conceptual, contradictory and often tongue in cheek.

i'm passionate about graphic -, modern arts, typography and i've got a shit load of tee-shirts.

for all inquiries, please contact me.